Architecture-based installations around Toronto

For about five years, Lyla Rye has produced consistently thoughtful and resonant architecture-based installations around Toronto. In both solo and collective projects (Nether-mind and Duke-u-menta), Rye has addressed space and site with high sensitivity. Her recent exhibition surprised viewers aware of her earlier calibrations and subtle peelings of the exhibition frame. Did this show, dedicated […]

New Probject – Art by Wicks

Last week we have a new website improvement project from Art by Wicks Inc., an oversized wall art supplier located in Riverside Drive New York.  We were asked to make the customer have better shopping experience on their website so as to improve their converating rate. Below is what we have done: 1. We added […]

News Summary of 2005

15th December 2005 Viasat AB, Sweden, has contracted Continuum System to design and develop a media streaming web application for radio, music and TV programs. The payment solutions includes a method of payment by SMS. Viasat AB’s satellite-TV-platform covers 15 countries in Europe and reaches more than 50 million viewers. 18th November 2005 Horizon Marketing […]

News Summary of 2003

25 December 2003 Direct Business Intelligence Ltd.(DBI) is Europe’s leading provider of database marketing and management solutions for the Electronics and High-Tech sectors. DBI has contracted Continuum System to maintain and upgrade the complete system which based on Microsoft technologies, including ASP, Com+, SQL database and XML. 14 November, 2003 Continuum Systems has successfully delivered […]

About E-Branding

E-Branding has become more and more important as companies decide to offer their services and products online. Website design, corporate branding, e-commerce and search engine optimization are critical components in building a company’s E-branding. E-Branding include: Website Design Services Website Design, robust software and high levels of security are critical to the success of a […]